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Graphium ONE™ includes full 2018 MACRA Compliance for Anesthesia

Compliance Features

By reporting the maximum alowed 6 Quality Measures and providing the tools to successfully attest to the Improvent Activities, Graphium ONE™ is designed to provide you the highest Composite Performance Score (CPS) possible for each of your anesthsiologists and/or CRNAs.

Complete QCDR Integration

The QCDR registration fee of $160/provider covers the registering your Organization and Facilities with the QCDR, including adding your Providers with National Provider Numbers and Tax Identification Number. We will select your Quality Measures and Improvement Activities, and then submit all of your case data at the end of the year, after you’ve had the ongoing opportunity to check cases and complete any missing information.

6 Quality Measures

CMS will only accept a maximum of 6 Quality Measures for the Quality portion of your CPS. We will collect, code, and report the following QCDR Measures.

  • ABG 7 – Immediate adult post-operative pain management
  • ABG 14 – Corneal abrasion
  • ABG 28 – Pre-operative screening for GERD
  • ABG 29 – Pre-operative screening for Glaucoma
  • ABG 30 – Pre-operative screening for PONV risk
  • ABG 31 – Pre-operative screening for excessive alcohol and recreational drug use

3 Improvement Activities

To earn full credit for this catgory of your CPS, we are able to report the following 3 activities. At the end of the year, you will attest to these activities at once, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Use a QCDR
  • Use the QCDR data to compare providers and improve patient care
  • Use the QCDR data to review population health of your patients

Only need MACRA Compliance?

If you only need 2018 MACRA Compliance, then we have a couple of options to fit your needs.

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