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Anesthesia Data Capture

Graphium ONE™ includes a variety of options to collect your data, and we make onboarding a breeze.

How do you want to capture your data?
Healthcare landscape is complex. Options help.


Still on paper and scared of moving to an EHR? Our unique AnesthesiaEMR™ lets you stay mobile and focused on patient care with an intelligent, digital paper experience.

iOS Anesthesia App

Already have an EHR, but still using paper claims and courier services? We will make your claims process safer and more reliable, ensuring your services are not forgotten.

EHR Integration

Ready to leverage your current EHR and stop all the duplicated data entry? We have the experience to help you. Our interface engine, Graphium Flow™, is designed to get the Anesthesia data you need most.


Paper Forms

Comfortable with your current paper-base workflows? We can help streamline them for increased safety and efficiency by adding ADT integration and providing electronic form uploads. No more courier required.

iPad Pro AnesthesiaEMR™

Electronic Paper Forms

Extreme ease of use is important because it reduces training and lowers provider anxiety. Our solution is as natural as pen and paper.

Chart Validation

Easily ensure charts are complete from billing, operations, and quality perspectives.

Custom Templates

Further increase the speed of data entry with custom templates designed to reflect the most common documentation needs.

Intelligent CPT Coding

Quality coding occurs seamlessly in the background without the providers having to enter a CPT code.

iOS Anesthesia App

An EMR for Your Thumb

With an ADT feed, the anesthesia providers will simply scan a patient’s bar code with the iOS camera and then complete a claim ticket. It’s that simple, and includes Charge Capture, MACRA Compliance, and Operational Insight fields. Easy to learn. Easy to use.

Custom Templates

Similar to its older brother, AnesthesiaEMR™, data entry speed is greatly improved with custom templates designed to reflect your needs.

Chart Validation

Multiple visual cues will alert you to incomplete charts, ensuring your claims are processed without delay and your MACRA Composite Performance Score is high as possible.

Dynamic Fields

Customized Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, and CRNA lists, OR locations, Medications, etc. will ensure you are capturing clean data, as well as complete data. With dynamic inputs, you are sure to answer the fewest possible questions.

Out of OR Charges

We know anesthesia services are not restricted to the ORs. Provide your MDs and CRNAs with a solution that works throughout the hospital.

EHR Integration

Inbound HL7 Interfaces

Easily create Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) and Scheduling Information Unsolicited (SIU) feeds, in addition to any structured Text File.

Real Time and Batch Processing

Some interfaces require real-time support. Other can be scheduled. We handle both with ease, so you can rest assured your data is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Many 3rd Party Vendors Supported

Our list of successful interfaces continues to grow. We have integrated with the most common EHRs as well as the smaller, subspecialty ones. Call us today to see if we have already interfaced with yours. 

Paper Forms

Easy, Familiar

We get it. While paper may increase the number of people entering the same data, generating more errors and delays, it’s also easy to use and fast to implement.

Intelligently Designed

We have spent a great deal of time ensuring our charge capture paper forms collect everything you needs and nothing else. Feel something is missing? We’ll be happy to review your needs and make changes as required.

No Courier Required

With our included Graphium Collector™ software, we will give you a dedicated phone number or IP address to securely send your paper forms. Our team of data entry and billing specialists will take care of the rest.

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Our team would like to help you stop worrying about technology so you can focus on your business.

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Graphium ONE™

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